About Us

We are a professional immigration services consulting agency with 8 years of experience, serving businesses, families and individuals by providing immigration advice and customised visa solutions.

Our Clients

We work closely with:


  • Employers who are hiring employees from overseas and from Mainland China.

  • Local Education Institutions with admissions for non-Hong Kong students from other schools attending their short-term programs in Hong Kong.

  • Non-Hong Kong students who are coming to Hong Kong to join short-term educational programs, for work and training, or as artists/ performers.

  • Expats in Hong Kong who are changing employment during their time in Hong Kong or who require extensions on their visas.

  • Expats who intend to relocate to Hong Kong, to be settled in Hong Kong for work, training, study, and/or as the dependents.

What We Offer

Immigration advice - Customised visa solutions - visa application - visa extension

Hong Kong Immigration Services

  • Employment Visa

  • Mainland Talents and Professionals (ASMTP)

  • Training Visa

  • Investment Visa

  • Student Visa

  • Visit/ Transit Visa

  • Dependent Visa

China Immigration Services

  • Class A Work Visa for Foreign Elite Talents

  • Class B Work Visa for Foreign Professionals

  • Class C Work Visa for General Personnels

Full-time Language Courses for Adults

  • General English Course

  • Business English Course

  • Cantonese Chinese Course

  • Mandarin Chinese Course

What to Expect from Our Services

  1. Initial enquiry
    Our experienced consultant will provide a quick assessment to identify your needs and will propose a tailored plan for your case.


  2. When you have accepted our proposal
    Invoice for an advance payment will be issued.  Customised checklists will be provided to you for you to prepare all the necessary information and documentations for your case.


  3. Continuous support & advice
    We will prepare a cover letter for your case to present to the Immigration Department by using the information collected from you.


  4. Submission
    To hand in your application to the Immigration Department by hand in person.


  5. Manage all enquiries from the Immigration Department
    We will coordinate with you to provide any requested information by the Immigration Department.


  6. Visa approval
    We will collect your approved visa in person from the Immigration Department and will arrange courier to ship the approved visa to you.




Hong Kong Visa Services

by Boötes Services Limited

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