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Who can enter Hong Kong while the border is closed during the pandemic?


Since 25th March 2020, all non-Hong Kong residents coming from overseas are not permitted to enter Hong Kong.

However…. There are exceptions!

Below are the different types of non-Hong Kong residents who are allowed to enter Hong Kong during the pandemic:

  1. Non-Hong Kong residents who have been approved by the Hong Kong government to carry out anti-epidemic duties in Hong Kong.

  2. Non-Hong Kong residents coming from Mainland China, Taiwan and Macau who have not been to any other countries or regions in the past 14 days.

  3. Non-Hong Kong residents who hold a Diplomatic/ Official passport with an approved Hong Kong Visa i.e. Visit Visa.

  4. Non-Hong Kong residents but are Spouses and Children of Hong Kong residents, who hold a Dependent Visa.

  5. Non-Hong Kong residents who hold a new Working Visa.

  6. Non-Hong Kong residents who hold a new Student Visa.

  7. Non-Hong Kong residents who hold a new Business Investment Visa.

At Hong Kong Visa Services, we provide visa application services for you even at this unprecedented time.... Whether you wish to reunite with your spouse in Hong Kong while stuck overseas;… Whether you are a Hong Kong employer who wishes to import overseas talents into your company;… Whether you wish to take up full-time Language studies in Hong Kong;… Whether you are an entrepreneur who sees this pandemic as a prime opportunity to invest in Hong Kong.

Contact us today, learn about our services and the full-time language courses that we offer. Find out how we can help you with your unique case.

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