COVID-19 Update

Travelling to HK

Updated date:  7th October 2020

Immigration Department of Hong Kong SAR

Except for Visitor visas, the Hong Kong Immigration Department has resumed all other public services from Monday 7th September 2020.

Hong Kong Travel Restrictions - Before Your Travel

Transiting through Hong Kong


  • Transiting to destinations in Mainland China is unavailable.

  • All "sea-to-air ferry services" for routes Greater Bay Area to Hong Kong are suspended.

  • All "air-to-sea ferry services" for routes Hong Kong to Greater Bay Area are also suspended.

  • From 15th August until HKT 11:59pm on 15th October 2020, anyone starting their journey in Mainland China will be able to transit Hong Kong International Airport, provided that they meet the below requirements.


  • Your travel itinerary contains a single-booking only; 

  • You hold a valid visa for the transit in Hong Kong; 

  • You hold a valid visa/ travel documents for your final destination; 

  • Your baggage has checked through to your final traveling destination; 

  • You have been issued a boarding pass(es) to travel onwards from Hong Kong; 

  • Your connection time between flights is within 24 hours.

Entering Hong Kong

Who can Enter Hong Kong?

Non-Hong Kong Residents will be denied to enter Hong Kong.

Only the following Hong Kong residents can enter Hong Kong:

  • Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card / Hong Kong Identity Card Holders with -

    • "asterisk" or "A" or "R" codes​

    • "C" code and accompanied by a valid work visa or student visa

    • "U" code, however your HKID must be pre-approved by the HK Immigration Department

    • HKSAR Passport Holders with the right of abode in Hong Kong

    • BNO Passport Holders with the right of abode in Hong Kong

    • Holders of Hong Kong Document of Identity


If you meet one or more of the following criteria, you may be exempt from the entry restrictions:

  • You hold one of these valid visas -

    • Employment visa​

    • Student visa

    • Business Investment visa

  • You are traveling from Mainland China, Taiwan, or Macau, and have not been to any other country/ region in the past 14 days.​

  • Children and spouses of Hong Kong residents.

  • You are a holder of a Diplomatic/ Official Passport, however, you must also meet visa requirements before entering.

  • You are local government personnel traveling to Hong Kong to perform official duties.

  • You have been approved by the HKSAR government to carry out anti-epidemic work in Hong Kong.

Arriving to Hong Kong

Compulsory Health Declarations

You must present a "COVID-19 test report" (in paper or electronic format) with a negative test result at the Hong Kong International Airport Immigration, when you have visited one or more of the following countries in the 14 days prior to arriving into Hong Kong:

  • Bangladesh

  • Ethiopia

  • India

  • Indonesia

  • Kazakhstan

  • Nepal

  • Pakistan

  • The Philippines

  • South Africa

  • The United Kingdom

  • The United States

COVID-19 Test Report Conditions:

A valid test report must meet all of the below criteria -

  1. The test must be carried out by a laboratory/ healthcare institution that is;

    • ISO 15189 accredited or​

    • recognised/ approved by the relevant authority of the government of the place in which the laboratory/ healthcare institution is located.

  2. The test taken was a "nucleic acid test" for COVID-19.​

  3. The sample of your test was taken 72 hours before your scheduled time of departure of the flight to Hong Kong.

  4. The name on your report matches the name on your valid travel documents.

  5. Your test result for COVID-19 is negative.

  6. The test report must be written in English or Chinese.*

* Note, if your test report is not in English nor Chinese, you will also need to supply a written confirmation in English or Chinese, printed with all of the above information.

Documentary Proof:

Even if the test report from the laboratory/ healthcare institution is ISO accredited or is recognised/ approved by the relevant authority of the government the place in which the laboratory/ healthcare institution is located...


You still require documentary proof.  This can be in the form of a copy of;

  • Certificate of Accreditation or

  • Certificate of Compliance or

  • information printed out from an official government website. 

14 Days Mandatory Quarantine

Upon your arrival in Hong Kong, you are required to undergo a 14-day mandatory quarantine.

The quarantine can take part in:

  • Your own home in Hong Kong or

  • A residential address in Hong Kong or

  • A hotel room in Hong Kong.

When your quarantine is not going to be in your own home or at a residential address in Hong Kong...

  • You must have a confirmation of a hotel room reservation for no less than 14 days.

  • This booking must be in a hotel.

  • Hostels and short-term rental (i.e. Airbnb) will not be permitted by the Hong Kong SAR Government.

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