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China Work Visas
for Foreigners

Since the reform and opening up, China has developed at an amazing pace in just 30-40 years, leaping to become the world's second largest economy and continuing to be the largest contributor to the world's economic growth, with the total economic volume exceeding 100 trillion yuan in 2020 and 133 entities on the list of the world's top 500 companies.


Like a soaring dragon, China will continue its pace, with countless potential and opportunities, waiting for you.

What is the Foreigner's Work Permit/ Visa

According to Article 41 of the Exit and Entry Control Law of the People's Republic of China, foreigners working in China shall obtain a valid work permit/ visa and the residence permit, according to related regulations.

No entity nor individual may employ a foreigner who has not obtained such work permit/ visa or work-related residence permit.

Therefore, it is necessary for foreigners to obtain a valid work permit/ visa and the residence permit, in order to legally stay and work in China.

The work permit/ visa will also allow foreigners to conduct businesses in China.

China Employer Hiring Foreign Employees

As per the Service Guide on Work Permits/ Visas for Foreigners in China, Employers in China employing foreign personnels must have their employees complete the application for a work permit/ visa and residence permit, processes for foreigners as follows:

  1. Online application for a Foreigner's "Work Permit Notice" from outside of China

  2. Apply for a Z-Class Visa at a Chinese Embassy/ Consulate

  3. Submit "Work Permit Notice" and Z-Class Visa application

  4. Once applications have been approved, applicants will receive of the Visa for Entry (note, this is not the Work permit)

  5. Once arrive in China, make a Temporary Residence Registration with the Police

  6. Medical Verification

  7. Acquiring the Work Permit/ Visa

  8. Acquiring the Resident Permit



In the process, the Employer or the commissioned application agency must register online for an account, and submit the required materials and related documents.

The State Administration of Foreign Experts will be responsible for organising and implementing the "Foreigner's Work Permit", and will classify foreigners working in China into 3 types, which are:


Foreign Elite Talents

Foreign elite talents, such as ​scientists, scientific and technological pioneers, international entrepreneurs, special talents and other high-end talents whom are urgently needed for China's economic and social development.


Foreign Professionals

Foreign professionals who meet the requirements of the guiding catalog and positions for foreigners to work in China, and they are urgently needed for China's economic and social development.


Foreign General Personnels

Foreign general personnels who meet the domestic labour market's demand  and conform to the national policies.

What We Can Do For You

Our dedicated team at Boötes Consulting Services Limited will provide you with all the details of the application processes, guiding you through every single steps of your work and residence permit/visa application.  Assist you with the preparing of documentations, whether you are the visa applicant or the Employer.

Our specialists are multi-lingual, fluent in English, German, Cantonese Chinese and Mandarin Chinese.  We will take charge with communicating with the Chinese Government agencies, effectively enhances the efficiency and shortening the application processes.

We are experienced in producing tailor-made plans, by analysing each incoming case and put together a strategy according to the applicants' strengths. Checking and proofreading your materials, writing reports and supplementary information that meet the requirements of the Foreign Affairs Bureau.

Our permit/ visa application services include:

  • China Work and Dependent Permits

  • Hong Kong Work, Dependent, and Student Visas

Contact one of our consultants to find out if you or your foreign employees are eligible.

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