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Hong Kong

Visit / Transit Visa

The Hong Kong Visit Visa, sometimes known as the Visitor Visa or the Entry Permit, is a travel document you need if you wish to enter into the city, or if you are passing-by, transiting for another international flight at the Hong Kong International Airport.

The Hong Kong Visit Visa is not limited to just for holidays in Hong Kong, this is also for businesses, i.e. business meetings, attending conferences, etc.

Some nationalities may have visa waiver concession, in which you are entitled to stay in Hong Kong for a certain number of days visa free. However, if you wish to stay longer than the visa free period, you are required to apply for a Visit Visa for those extra days.

To find out if you need a Visit Visa for Hong Kong, look for the type of travel document that you hold in the dropdown list below.

Do I Need a Visa?

What Our Visa Agency Can Do For You

At Boötes Consulting Services Limited, we understand that it is difficult for foreigners to contact and communicate with the Immigration Department in Hong Kong, especially when it comes to answering questions and queries that you have with your visa applications.  We are prompted in responding to your visa enquiries.

We offer comprehensive support with your Visit Visa applications.  From providing checklists and templates to providing expertise advice and guidance; from analysing your travel plans and reviewing your documents to submitting your applications in person to the Hong Kong Immigration

Department; from direct follow-ups with the Immigration Officers to the collection of your approved visas and other documents.

Our consultants will ensure that every step of the application processes is done accurately to avoid delays.  And most importantly, we guarantee a near 100% success rate in having your applications approved, with your visas dispatched to you in time for your travels.


Services on application for visa extensions are also available.

Disclaimer: We are a private immigration consultancy firm that provides individuals and businesses support with their Hong Kong relocation and immigration. We wish to make it clear that this website is not a government website and we are not linked or affiliated with the Immigration Department of HKSAR. If you do not wish to obtain immigration advice or representation, you can make your own application directly to the relevant government authority without paying any additional fees.


The applicant must check that he/ she meets the criteria for the Visit/ Transit Visa application:  There must not be any existing criminal records; there must be proof of sufficient fundings to support the applicant’s proposed travel plans for Hong Kong; and there must be proof of onward or return ticket to the place of the applicant’s destination.


Please note that the eligibility criteria may be subject to change from time-to-time.

An Approved Hong Kong Visit/ Transit Visa

The Immigration Department of HKSAR will evaluate and assess all submitted applications and the application processing time usually takes 4 - 6 weeks.


The approval of a submitted application for a Visit/ Transit Visa will base on whether the applicant meets the application criteria, also that he/she has submitted all the necessary supporting documents to demonstrate that their travel/ transit to Hong Kong is genuine.


When the application has been approved, an “Entry Permit” label will be issued to the applicant and it is to be presented to the Immigration when he/she is entering/ transiting Hong Kong.

The Visit Visa holders will have the benefit to take part in the activities in Hong Kong as per the submitted travel plans, activities like, to visit Disneyland or to attend business meetings, whatever the main purpose of the visit is.


However, holders of the Visit Visa are NOT allow to:

  • Work in Hong Kong, whether it is a paid or an unpaid employment.


It is the Director of Immigration who reserves all rights to approve or to reject a Visit/ Transit Visa application, and when an application is unsuccessful, unlike the other types of visa, appeal is not available.

Are You a Frequent Business Traveller to Hong Kong?

If you have the need to travel to Hong Kong frequently for business, there is a "Business Travel Pass" that you can apply for, which will allow you to enter Hong Kong multiple time without the need of a visa (for visit purposes only).

Talk to us today to find out if you qualify for the HKSAR Travel Pass.

Service Fees

Type of Visa

Vist Visa


HKD $6,800*

Renewal / Extension

HKD $5,600*

* Fees do not include :

  • Overseas courier costs. 

  • Costs for translation with certification.

  • Company incorporation (for Business Investment Visa).


Special Offers

  • 10% off for every 10 applications

  • For corporate rate, please contact us for a quotation.

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Service Fees

We can provide a volume of discounts to clients with multiple applications

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