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Hong Kong

Training Visa

The Training Visa for Hong Kong usually has a validity of no more than 12 months for holders to enter Hong Kong for training purposes, training for skills/knowledge that are not available in the countries or territories of applicants' domicile.

Training Visa holders may bring in their spouse and/or children, if they do not already have a valid visa to enter Hong Kong; spouses and children can apply of Dependent Visas for entry to Hong Kong. 

Please note that this entry arrangement does not apply to the following two groups:

  • Afghanistan, Cuba, Laos, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and Nepal nationalities;

  • Mainland Chinese residents

For Mainland Chinese residents, please refer to Mainland Talents & Professionals Visa.

Boötes Consulting Services Limited offers consultation and application services for new Training Visa applications.

The visa application procedure through us is simple, as soon as we receive a case from our clients, the case will be assigned to one of our experienced consultants straightaway, and he/ she will deal with all the logistics that are involved with the visa application.  Our consultants will coordinate with both the visa applicants and their sponsors for the collecting of all required information and documentations.

We will keep on top of things to avoid any delays in the process, which means we may require to contact the Officers from the Hong Kong Immigration Department in some cases.

Other services we provide are: Training Visa Renewal or Extension for Hong Kong.

Speak to one of our consultants about Dependent Visas for the immediate family members who are staying in Hong Kong with the Training Visa applicant.


We are a private immigration consultancy firm that provides individuals and businesses support with their Hong Kong relocation and immigration.

We wish to make it clear that this website is not a government website and we are not linked or affiliated with the Immigration Department of HKSAR.

If you do not wish to obtain immigration advice or representation, you can make your own application directly to the relevant government authority without paying any additional fees.


To be eligible, the applicant should not have any past records of serious offense/crimes or security objections. The applicant and his/her sponsoring company must have proof that the intentions of the training in Hong Kong are genuine. There must also be proof that the sponsoring company is a well-established company, that they are competent in providing the proposed training.

Please note that the eligibility criteria may be subjected to change from time to time.

What We Will Do For You

An Approved Hong Kong Training Visa

The approval of a submitted application for a Training Visa generally depends on the applicant’s merits which he/she should meet normal immigration requirements. Provided documents should clearly show the returnability of applicant to his/her country of residence, and that no feasibility of the applicant in agonising Hong Kong. 

Once the application is approved, we, as the applicant's authorised immigration consultant, will collect the approved visa from the Immigration Department, on behalf of the applicant.

The standard processing time for a Hong Kong Training Visa application takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks by the Immigration Department.


The Director of Immigration reserves all rights to approve or reject a Training Visa application. In the case when an application is unsuccessful, an appeal can be filed with the authorities.

Service Fees

Type of Visa

Training Visa


HKD $8,680* and HKD $4,380* per dependent visa. A 15% discount will be provided if the Sponsor Company applies 5 or above training visa applications

Renewal / Extension


* Fees do not include :

  • Overseas courier costs. 

  • Costs for translation with certification.

  • Company incorporation (for Business Investment Visa).


Special Offers

  • 10% off for every 10 applications

  • For corporate rate, please contact us for a quotation.

Our Other Services

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Service Fees

We can provide a volume of discounts to clients with multiple applications

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