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Language Courses
in Hong Kong

Wish to learn Cantonese Chinese, Mandarin Chinese and/or English?

Want to improve on practical Chinese and/or English in Hong Kong?

Want a career in Hong Kong but lack the required language skills?

Looking for a legitimate, certified full-time Language Course in Hong Kong that can allow you to apply for the Hong Kong Student Visa?

Why Enrol in a Language Course in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is an international city where Chinese and English are widely used.  This modern and vibrant world city is a mix of the Eastern and Western cultures, there is no other place more perfect than Hong Kong for overseas adult students to learn Chinese and/or English.  On the other hand, you can also come to the city to brush up on your language skills too.

Though there may be an abundance of language courses in Hong Kong, not many courses are in fact accredited with the Hong Kong Government Education Bureau (EBD), which means, it is impossible for non-local students to obtain a valid Student Visa.

Boötes Consulting Services Limited now offers unique, intensive full-time language courses that are officially recognised by the Government of HKSAR. What’s more, our professional agents will also be able to help you with your Student Visa application.

Our Premium Language Courses in Hong Kong

All language courses are taught in a multinational, small-group learning environment.

Classes are organised in a fun and relaxed setting.

All teachers hired are highly qualified language professionals, in which they were intensively trained at globally-recognised academic institutions, with accompanying international working experience. Not to mention, they are also native-speakers of the languages that they teach.

You will be provided with ongoing support, encouragement, advice and feedback on your learning progress in class.

Certificates will be issued to students who have completed and passed their courses.

We specialise in full-time, intensive language courses, suitable for any level (beginner, intermediate or advance):


  • 24 hours or 15 hours per week

  • Monday to Friday

  • With morning and afternoon classes

  • Course length from 1 week to 1 year

  • Classes available for all levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced

  • Maximum of 8 per class

The following courses will allow you to improve your fluency, understanding and the use of a certain language in real-life or professional situations:

General English study to improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills quickly.

Designed specifically for you to learn or to improve on your Mandarin Chinese.  This intensive course aims to solidify your skills in listening and speaking, reading and writing with Simplified Chinese characters.

This course focuses on the use of the Business Language, with practical learning to handle the different professional situations. (i.e. presentations, negotiations, proposal writings, etc.)

To greatly help you localise, it is designed for you to learn or improve on your Cantonese Chinese, which is the official language used in Hong Kong.  The course aims to greatly strengthen your skills in all listening and speaking, reading and writing Traditional Chinese characters.

Our Language Courses can also be tailored-made to focus on your specific learning needs, Corporate courses for companies; One-on-One private classes; and other Short courses are also available.

Corporate Language Courses

Most employers value communication skills highly, while employees must communicate well with external stakeholders, and the communication between colleagues is just as important.  We have Corporate Language Courses for Hong Kong companies that understand the importance of continually investing in their staff’s development.

Courses for Cantonese are excellent for your international employees to accelerate the integration process into our local society and business environment. On the other hand, our Mandarin Chinese and English language courses are the ideal refresher courses to upskill existing local employees.

Language courses can be customised to suit your company’s specific needs, such as, topics in improving your staff’s presentation and negotiations skills; sales techniques; report writing; etc.

If you are ready to learn, contact us now!

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