Service Fees

Type of Visa
New Visa Application

Employment Visa

HKD $9,600*

Employment Visa

(Change of Sponsor)

HKD $9,600*

Renewal / Extension Application

HKD $5,600*

HKD $5,600*

Dependent Visa

(Legal & Cohabiting Partner)

HKD $9,600*

HKD $5,600*

Dependent Visa

(Legal Dependent, 

under the age of 18 and

over the age of 60)

HKD $5,600*

HKD $3,800*

Training Visa

HKD $9,600*

Mainland Talents & Professionals

HKD $10,600*

Visit Visa

HKD $6,800*

Business Investment Visa

HKD $13,600*


HKD $5,300*

HKD $5,600*

HKD $8,600*

Other Services

Application Expedition

Company Incorporation

HKD $1,000

Contact us for a quotation

* Fees do not include :

  • Overseas courier costs. 

  • Costs for translation with certification.

  • Company incorporation (for Business Investment Visa).


Special Offers

  • 10% off for every 10 applications

  • For corporate rate, please contact us for a quotation.




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