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Hong Kong

Investment Visa

The Hong Kong Investment Visa is a type of work permit that allows overseas entrepreneurs to relocate to Hong Kong either through investing in a local business or by establishing and running their own business in Hong Kong.  But in order to be successful in being granted the Investment Visa for Hong Kong, it is a “must” that the invested local business or the newly incorporated company can contribute to the Hong Kong economy significantly - and it is expected that, the new investments in Hong Kong will create new jobs for the local job market.

A higher chance of success in being granted the investment visa is that, if businesses belong to or are able to complement the industries that Hong Kong enjoys clear advantages, such as:  trading & logistics; tourism; financial services; professional services; transportation; exhibition; innovative technology; manufacturing; cultural & creative industries.

Entrepreneurs can also consider investing into Start-up Businesses that are supported by a government-backed program.  As these programs often have rigorous vetting and selection processes, therefore visa applicants are favourable.


Please note that this entry arrangement does not apply to the following nationals:

  • Afghanistan, Cuba, Laos, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Nepal and Vietnam;

  • Mainland Chinese residents*


* This scheme is applicable to Chinese nationals with overseas permanent residence, or if the applicant has been residing overseas for at least 1 year immediately before the submission of the investment visa application is being submitted from overseas.

What We Will Do For You

Boötes Consulting Services Limited offers One-Stop-Service for Overseas Entrepreneurs who wish to relocate to Hong Kong via the Investment Visa.


Our consultants understand that every business is unique, they will study all incoming cases and will tailor-made a plan for each client to accommodate for their needs.

When it comes to the Hong Kong Investment Visa application, there are many prerequisites, Overseas Entrepreneurs need to meet all these requirements before they can start on their visa application.  We provide complementary services to guide our clients, in getting through to the First Step of setting up a business in Hong Kong. We also offer additional services

which include - Company Incorporation, assistance in opening a business bank account in Hong Kong, secretarial services, etc.


When businesses start to operate in Hong Kong, we will go into the most crucial step of the whole process, which is the actual application process.  Our consultants are committed to support our clients in every single way, to handle all of the follow-up and the logistics in a professional manner, from giving advice to collecting all necessary documents and forms, to submission of visa applications, to collection and courier arrangement of the approved visa.


Application services for dependent visas and for visa extensions, are also available.

Disclaimer: We are a private immigration consultancy firm that provides individuals and businesses support with their Hong Kong relocation and immigration. We wish to make it clear that this website is not a government website and we are not linked or affiliated with the Immigration Department of HKSAR. If you do not wish to obtain immigration advice or representation, you can make your own application directly to the relevant government authority without paying any additional fees.


To qualify for the Investment Visa Hong Kong, the applicant must be an entrepreneur who matches all 4 of the following eligibility criteria.  One, the applicant needs not to have any past records of serious offense/crimes or security objections; Two, the applicant must prove that he/she has a good education background; Three,  the applicant needs to demonstrate that his/her contribution to the Hong Kong economy will be significant; and Four, the applicant’s company in Hong Kong has been set up.


Please note that the eligibility criteria may be subject to change from time to time.

An Approved Hong Kong Investment Visa

All submitted investment visa application for Hong Kong will be evaluated by the Immigration Department of HKSAR. During the application assessments, the Immigration Department may seek advice from government departments and/or professional bodies on the applicant’s Business Plan.  They look for in the Business Plan, whether the business is suitable for and capable of developing in Hong Kong, also the feasibility of the business in terms of operation, finances and development.


The standard processing time for an Investment Visa application is 4 to 6 weeks by the Immigration Department, from when the application is being submitted.


In the case when the applicant is granted the Investment Visa, the visa holder will have the following benefits:


  • The visa holders normally would be granted an initial stay of 24 months on employment conditions upon entry to Hong Kong.

  • This special visa allows the visa holders to operate their own business in Hong Kong, the business as approved by the Director of Immigration.

  • When the visa holders are non-permanent residents, the approved visa allows the holders to re-entre into Hong Kong without needing a re-entry visa.

  • Extension of stay can be applied within 4 weeks before the initial visa expiry date, while applicants continue to meet the eligibility criteria of the Investment Visa.

  • When the extension is approved, visa holders will normally get 3 years on employment condition.

  • The visa holders may apply for the right of abode in Hong Kong in accordance with the law, when they have resided in Hong Kong for a continuous period of not less than 7 years.


It is the Director of Immigration who reserves all rights to approve or to reject an Investment Visa application Hong Kong, and when an application is unsuccessful, an appeal can be filed with the authorities.

Service Fees

Type of Visa

Investment Visa


HKD $19,800* and HKD $4,380 per dependent visa application. If drafting of a business plan is required, a supplemental fee of HKD $8,800 will be charged

Renewal / Extension

HKD $8,800*

* Fees do not include :

  • Overseas courier costs. 

  • Costs for translation with certification.

  • Company incorporation (for Business Investment Visa).


Special Offers

  • 10% off for every 10 applications

  • For corporate rate, please contact us for a quotation.

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Service Fees

We can provide a volume of discounts to clients with multiple applications

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