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Intensive Cantonese

Course Hong Kong

Cantonese Chinese, also called Yue, is the second most spoken Chinese Language, and is most widely used locally in Hong Kong. The language is spoken in 13 countries and it is the first language of approximately 74 million people around the world. However, some still argue that it may be better to learn Mandarin, here we can tell you why it is still relevant and important to learn Cantonese Chinese.

Cantonese is the de facto spoken language in Hong Kong and Macau. It is also widely spoken in the Guangdong (Canton) Province in Mainland China, where the language originated from. If you plan to live and build a career and/or business in Hong Kong, having the ability to speak Cantonese is definitely a must.  First and foremost, you will get more job choices and more business opportunities. Knowing the language through a Cantonese Course will also make living in Hong Kong a lot more enjoyable, as you will be able to communicate with the locals and you can impress people by ordering local food at authentic Hong Kong restaurants, this means you can truly live a Hongkonger’s life.

Many people are afraid that learning Cantonese might be challenging, but in reality, Cantonese is much easier to learn than most European languages, because the Cantonese language does not have any plurals, tenses, conjugation, conditional sentences, and the numbering system is also quite easy to grasp.


Here are the benefits of learning Cantonese Chinese:


  1. Cantonese Chinese may be the slightly harder language to learn in terms of pronunciation when compared with Mandarin, however in formal written Chinese, both languages share much of the same words and similar sentence structures.  Knowing Cantonese would mean you already have the basic knowledge of Mandarin.

  2. Knowing Cantonese will open up many business opportunities for you, especially in finance, tourism, entertainment, art and culture.

  3. Knowing Cantonese will give you a wider range of job choices, and you will be exponentially more competitive in the local job market, as many local employers expect candidates that can speak Cantonese.

  4. When you are working in Hong Kong, knowing Cantonese can help you communicate better with your superiors, colleagues as well as customers.

  5. You can navigate Hong Kong well and be able to connect with the local people and be inspired by the city’s architecture, arts and the culture.

  6. Cantonese is bigger than Hong Kong, you will still hear a lot of Cantonese in the southern parts of Mainland China, in Southeast Asia (such as Singapore and Malaysia), and in Chinatowns of many western countries (such as the USA, Canada, the UK).


Hong Kong makes the best destination for non-Chinese speakers to learn Cantonese. But many language schools in the market do not provide the necessary documents for international students to apply for the Hong Kong Student Visa, and without the valid visa, you will not be able to live and study in Hong Kong. 

At Boötes Consulting Services Limited, we offer Intensive Cantonese Course (a high-end Cantonese course in Hong Kong accredited by the Hong Kong Government Education Bureau) to overseas adult students so that they can study on a full-time basis in Hong Kong. A successful enrolment in our course will come with the Hong Kong Student Visa, allowing international students to effectively live and study in Hong Kong for the stated duration of the course.

Intensive Cantonese Course Details

The Cantonese Course is taught by a carefully-selected group of highly qualified and experienced native-Cantonese-speaker teachers.

All classes take place in Central, in the heart of Hong Kong Island.

A small classroom learning model, capped at 8 students only.

A positive classroom environment, students are encouraged to freely ask questions and solve challenges.

Classes are available for all levels, for beginners learning from the very basics; for intermediates wanting to brush up; or advanced individuals wanting to focus on certain areas in their learning.

Classes are scheduled from Monday to Friday, in mornings and afternoons.

You can opt for 24 hours or 15 hours learning per week.

Course length can last for 1 week to 1 year.

Tuition Fees


3 Months

6 Months

9 Months

1 Year

15 hours per week

HKD  30,790

HKD  50,580

HKD  75,780

HKD  86,455

24 hours per week

HKD    49,140

HKD    85,225

HKD  120,660

HKD  137,685

The tuition fee includes teaching materials, enrolment and the student visa fees. 

Fees exclude costs for translation with certification.

Find out if the Intensive Cantonese Course is for you

This is a general Cantonese Course designed with a focus on learning real, daily-used Cantonese. With an intensive curriculum, in a relatively short period of time, you will be able to –

  • Improve on your pronunciation, with many chances to practice speaking with native speakers and having your teacher there to correct your tones.

  • Learn how to read and write Traditional Chinese characters.

  • Learn Pinyin/ Yale reading systems.

  • Improve on grammar.

  • Build on your vocabulary, and learn to use new vocabs appropriately in different scenarios.

  • Study the cultural aspects as context to help you with your day-to-day communications with the locals in Hong Kong.

  • Understand an elaborate range of modern Cantonese slangs and idioms.

  • You may request for the Cantonese Course in HK to be tailor-made to meet specific requirements, i.e. presentations or sales briefs conducted in Cantonese.

Corporate Cantonese Course

Many Employers in Hong Kong hire staff from overseas. In order to help your new staff, who are expats, to settle quicker in Hong Kong, you may consider providing them with a Cantonese Course in HK.


While classes are a fun team building activity, you are also upskilling your new staff. The outcome of this – a more harmonious workplace experience for your local and overseas staff.

Corporate Cantonese classes can be customised to suit a company’s specific needs, whether on presentation and negotiations skills; sales techniques; etc.


For more information on our Cantonese Courses in Hong Kong, contact us now.

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