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Intensive English

Course Hong Kong

The English Language is one of the most widely spoken languages around the world, English is the official language of 57 countries, and is widely-used professionally and socially in Hong Kong too.

Here are some benefits of learning the language through an Intensive English Course:

  1. Knowing English will allow you to communicate with people from different countries and backgrounds, this makes your travelling or working experience more pleasant without getting lost in translation.

  2. Numerous resources (news, journals, research papers, etc) from the internet are in English, having a good level of English helps you gain knowledge in many areas.

  3. Learning the English language means you are also learning the culture. You will become a more rounded person.

  4. The English language is used in international businesses in many of the professional fields such as finance, engineering, medicine, science, technology, music, art and culture.

  5. Having a good English fluency will increase your chances of getting jobs globally.

  6. You will be able to engage much more at English speaking networking events, giving you higher chances of future business opportunities, finding valuable customers and partners.

  7. You will be able to get a better education, have better chances of getting into some of the more prestigious international schools and universities, enhancing your standing greatly.


Many non-native English speakers choose to come to Hong Kong to study English because Hong Kong has the best mix of both Eastern and Western cultures. However, many English courses in Hong Kong are not recognised by the Hong Kong Government Education Bureau, so they do not meet the application criteria for the Hong Kong Student Visa. Without a valid visa, this makes it impossible for non-local adult students to live and study in Hong Kong.

At Boötes Consulting Services Limited, we offer Intensive English Course (a premium English course in Hong Kong accredited by the Hong Kong Government Education Bureau) to overseas adult students to study full time in Hong Kong. A successful enrolment to the course will come with the Hong Kong Student Visa, allowing overseas students to live and study in Hong Kong for the duration of the course.

Intensive English Course Details

Our Intensive English Course Hong Kong is taught by a group of highly qualified and experienced native-English-speaking teachers and instructors.

All classes take place in Central, located on Hong Kong Island.

A small classroom learning with a maximum of 8 students only.

A positive classroom environment, where students are encouraged to ask questions and to tackle challenges.

Classes are available for all levels, whether you are a beginner starting from the very basics; or at an intermediate level wanting to brush up your skills; or even at an advanced level wanting to focus on certain topics.

Classes are held from Monday to Friday, in the morning and afternoon.

You may choose to enrol in 24 hours or 15 hours per week.

Course length can be from 1 week to 1 year.

Tuition Fees


3 Months

6 Months

9 Months

1 Year

15 hours per week

HKD   30,790

HKD   50,580

HKD   75,780

HKD   86,455

24 hours per week

HKD   49,140

HKD   85,225

HKD 120,660

HKD 137,685

The tuition fee includes teaching materials, enrolment and the student visa fees. 

Fees exclude costs for translation with certification.

Find out if the Intensive English Course is for you

Let’s take a look at the below course overview. 

This is a general English course in Hong Kong, focusing on learning real English. As this is designed as an intensive course, in a relatively short period of time you will be able to – 

  • Improve on your pronunciation with many opportunities to practice conversation in English.

  • Enhance your reading and writing skills.

  • Advance your grammar.

  • Build on your vocabulary, and learn to use new vocabs appropriately in different scenarios.

  • Study colloquial expressions, slangs and idioms.

  • You may request to custom design our Intensive English Course in Hong Kong, so it meets your specific requirements, i.e. if you are preparing for an English interview, or going to take an IELTS/ TOEFL/ TOEIC test, etc.


Contact us today to tell us your learning needs!

Our Other Language Courses

This course focuses on the use of the Business Language, with practical learning to handle the different professional situations. (i.e. presentations, negotiations, proposal writings, etc.)

Designed specifically for you to learn or to improve on your Mandarin Chinese.  This intensive course aims to solidify your skills in listening and speaking, reading and writing with Simplified Chinese characters.

To greatly help you localise, it is designed for you to learn or improve on your Cantonese Chinese, which is the official language used in Hong Kong. The  course aims to greatly strengthen your skills in all listening and speaking, reading and writing Traditional Chinese characters.

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