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Do You Need A Visa?


Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for being an international financial hub and also a cultural melting pot.  It is a vibrant city, filled with opportunities.  As busy as the city gets, here you can still find a balance between buzzy night lives, variety of cultural activities, mountains and the sea.  For many decades, this city has attracted countless individuals to arrive for work or to study.  But as a non-Hong Kong resident, it is necessary that you must hold an appropriate visa for Hong Kong, whether you are:


  • Seeking and taking up employment in Hong Kong;

  • Volunteering;

  • Doing freelance projects;

  • Performing as an independent performer/ artist;

  • Giving talks/ presentations/ lectures;

  • Having training in Hong Kong;

  • Going to study in Hong Kong;

  • Starting up an investment in Hong Kong;

  • Looking into residence in Hong Kong


If you need assistance with planning your relocation to Hong Kong, there are firms that provide Visa Services that you could consult with, and to get advice from a Visa Agent in Hong Kong.

Employer Information

For Hong Kong Employers who are hiring non-Hong Kong residents, it is your responsibility to ensure your employees are lawfully employable.

Even when employees hold a valid Hong Kong identity card, not all non-Hong Kong permanent identity card holders are lawfully employable therefore employees may still require a valid visa for HK to be able to work in Hong Kong.

If employers breach the law by hiring illegal workers, employers will be penalised with up to 3 years of imprisonment and are liable to pay a fine of up to HKD $350,000.

Please do NOT employ illegal workers!

Visa Services HK is a Visa Agency in Hong Kong.  Every single visa agent of ours, offer not only services in visa applications, also provide relevant information and professional advice in regards to your relocation to Hong Kong.

What We Offer


For foreigners who wish to study English, Cantonese and/or 

Chinese full-time in Hong Kong

For non-Hong Kong professionals looking to work in Hong Kong

For non-Hong Kong students and employees coming to Hong Kong for training or internship

For overseas entrepreneurs relocating to Hong Kong either through investing or by establishing their own business in Hong Kong.

For families wishing to join their spouses/parents who are working/studying in Hong Kong

For foreigners who wish to visit Hong Kong for leisure or business purposes.  And for foreigners who require to transit through from Hong Kong

For professionals who are residents of Mainland China taking up employment in Hong Kong

Why Us

Stress-Free Process

As a visa agency in HK, we understand that applying for a Hong Kong visa for the first time is confusing and it is a daunting task. The endless paperwork, the forever filling in different forms, the list goes on. This is what causes your headaches. We will help you so you do not have to stress about it.

Years of Experience

We have over 10 years of experience applying for training and employment visas for international and Mainland Chinese students, faculties, and artists/performers for profound local and international institutions with a 100% success rate.


We are a visa agency, we do not offer "Advisory" nor "Consultation", hence our competitive prices and no hidden costs, keeping things as straightforward and as simple as possible for everyone. We take your case and will make sure to get the job done fast.

Why Us


Our Story

We are a team of multilingual visa agents in HK, have been professionally trained to handle our clients' visa applications so they do not have to. We are your agent to handle your applications for you - from start to complete!

We analyse all our clients' cases to determine the appropriate visa applications needed before providing the relevant checklist(s) that are created by us, for our clients and/or visa applicants to prepare. We submit all our clients' visa applications in person to the Immigration Department of HKSAR to ensure an expedited approval process. When the visas are approved, a courier will be arranged to deliver visas to our clients (or to the successful applicants).

Our Clients

We work closely with:

  • Employers who are hiring employees from overseas and from Mainland China.

  • Local Education Institutions with admissions for non-Hong Kong students from other schools attending their short-term programs in Hong Kong.

  • Non-Hong Kong students who are coming to Hong Kong to join short-term educational programs, for work and training, or as artists/ performers.

  • Expats in Hong Kong who are changing employment during their time in Hong Kong or who require extensions on their visas.

About Us



Hong Kong Visa Services

by Boötes Consulting Services Limited

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Cheong Tai Commercial Building

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Hong Kong


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