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Change of Sponsorship - Hong Kong Employment Visa


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Many Hong Kong employers are confused with the type of visa that their new foreign employees are required to apply for, whether they should apply for a brand new Employment visa, or an extension on their existing Employment visa, or a Change of Sponsorship.

In many cases, for foreigners who had been living and working in Hong Kong, holding a valid Employment visa under the General Employment Policy, changing jobs means changing sponsorship.

Change of Sponsorship application is to notify the Immigration Department of HKSAR that the foreigner will no longer be working for the initial sponsoring company, instead they will be moving into a new position at a new company.

The Immigration Department will make sure that the new sponsoring company is viable of being a sponsor that:

  • the company is financially healthy;

  • the company has a good reason for creating the job position; and

  • the company has made an effort into finding staff locally but failed.

The application processes for Change of Sponsor are slightly different from applying for a new Employment visa. Many sponsoring companies in Hong Kong are inexperience and their applications got declined due to not being able to provide the documentations that the Immigration Department is looking for.

Our experienced consultants can provide advices to both the visa applicants and sponsoring companies on their visa applications. We also provide services to manage the whole visa application process and to handle all incoming queries from the Immigration Department on behalf our clients.

If you have any queries about Employment visa application or Change of Sponsorship, contact us here.


Employment visa holders and employing companies also require to notify the Immigration Department if the visa holders are changing roles within the same company that they have been working with.

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