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Top Facts about Hong Kong QMAS Visa


The HKSAR Government has published a slew of measures recently aiming to trawl the world for talents. One of the talent schemes is the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme.

Here are the top facts about the Hong Kong QMAS visa.

1. What is the Hong Kong QMAS Visa?

The Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is a point-based scheme where you are given points according to your age, qualification, work experience, language proficiency and dependents. Under the QMAS category, you are expected to be under the highly-skilled professionals list to proceed with the job search. With this visa you can relocate to Hong Kong without holding an employment contract first and settle with your family in Hong Kong.

2. What are the skilled professionals that Hong Kong is looking for?

Hong Kong government has published the Talent List under The Quality Migrant Admission Scheme of Hong Kong. Talents under the list are those who Hong Kong needs the most in the immediate to medium term for the development of economy. The list currently comprises 13 professions.

They are:

- Professionals in Compliance in Asset Management

- Asset Management Professionals

- Actuaries

- Financial Professionals in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

- Fintech Professionals

- Data Scientists and Cyber Security Specialists

- Innovation and Technology Experts

- Marine Insurance Professionals

- Marine Engineers and Superintendents of Ships

- Naval Architects

- Waste Treatment Specialists

- Dispute Resolution Professionals and Transactional Lawyers

- Creative Industries and Performing Arts Professionals

Apart from these professions, potential applicants from other industries and sectors not covered by the Talent List are also welcomed to apply for the QMAS and other admission schemes.

3. What are the eligibility criteria of QMAS selection?

To qualify the QMAS, you should have:

  • Your age is between 18-50 years.

  • Educational Qualification: Bachelors or above degree from a recognised University.

  • Work Experience: You should have at least 2 years of work experience.

  • Language proficiency: The IELTS/TOEFL/PCS exam is required to prove language proficiency.

  • Financial status: You need to prove that you can afford the accommodation and living in Hong Kong, and for your dependents as well if they are joining you to Hong Kong.

  • Points based test: You must score the minimum points under General Points Based Test.

4. How long it takes for the Hong Kong Immigration Department to process QMAS visa?

Generally, it takes 6-18 months to get the result for an application. It depends on various factors:

- The cut off points vary with each case.

- Personal details for each applicant.

- This process also includes a visa interview in Hong Kong.

5. How to get the Permanent Resident visa in Hong Kong?

You need to renew your QMAS visa during the seven years. You will have an option to apply for Permanent Residency after you have continuously stay in Hong Kong for seven years.

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