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What are the Hong Kong self-isolation procedures?


The Hong Kong SAR Government is monitoring closely COVID-19 locally and globally. In order to protect inbound travelers and their residents, those who are entering the city from other countries and region:

  • will need to complete a mandatory Health & Quarantine Information Declaration;

  • will need to take a COVID-19 Test upon arrival at the Temporary Specimen Collection Centre inside the Hong Kong International Airport’s Midfield Concourse; and

  • must go through a 14 days quarantine, set out by the HKSAR Government.

Note that, the waiting time for your COVID-19 Test at the Temporary Specimen Collection Centre can take up to 12 hours or more. Let us explain to you what you need to prepare before your travel to Hong Kong, and what will happen when you arrive in Hong Kong!

(image: sourced from the HKSAR Government's coronavirus website)

Before you travel

  1. Make sure you prepare all your necessities (i.e. masks, clothes, medications).

  2. Depending on whether you have visited certain places during the 14 days before your departure date, you must bring with you the COVID-19 test report you took at the region you will be flying out from (check out the “Compulsory Health Declarations” section from our website for more details).

  3. If you have visited/ stayed at one or more of the high-risk countries and/or region, effective 13 November 2020, it is mandatory that you must make a room reservation for not less than 14 days, from the specific list of hotels in Hong Kong, for your compulsory self-isolation.

  4. Before boarding, submit an online “Health & Quarantine Information Declaration” form. Any false or misleading information about your travel history for the past 14 days, is a criminal offense and you will be fined the maximum penalty of HKD $10,000 and imprisonment for 6 months.

  5. After the form has been submitted, you can a. download the result via clicking on “Save QR Code” button (QR code is valid for 48 hours) or b. Screenshot the result.

  6. Depending on your “health declaration results”, the staff of Department of Health will notify you which type of quarantine premises you will be doing your self-isolation at (i.e. at home/ hotel/ hospital, etc).

On board

  1. You should wear a mask on board at all time.

Upon arrival via Hong Kong International Airport

  1. If you have any respiratory symptoms, immediately inform the staff of the Department of Health at the Airport.

  2. You are required to go through temperature screening.

  3. If you have not yet submitted the “Health & Quarantine Declaration” form online, you can submit the completed and signed paper form to the staff of the Department of Health at the Airport.

  4. Before going through Immigration and Baggage Collection, you will be taken to the TSCC-Temporary Specimen Collection Centre at the Midfield Concourse to do a mandatory deep throat saliva sample.

  5. After you have provided your deep throat saliva sample to the Department of Health at the TSCC, you are required to stay until your results are available. The wait can take up to 12 hours or more.

  6. If your results are not available on the same day (for those arriving to Hong Kong in the afternoon or at night), you will be taken to a hotel to wait for your result, coaches and basic catering services will be arranged by the Department of Health. NOTE: you shall not leave your hotel room while waiting for your results.

  7. When test results come back as negative: you will be released from the TSCC or the hotel and your self-isolation will start. or When your test results are positive, you will be transferred to the hospital for quarantine and treatments.

  8. You must arrange your own transportation for the trip to the planned location to do your 14-days mandatory self-isolation.

We are happy to answer any of your queries about the above procedures.

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