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Working in China - What Type of Work Visa is for You


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Recent years, as China is becoming one of the key global economies, many of the large multinational firms are looking to relocate their regional headquarters to cities in China. Local firms in China are also looking into expanding their businesses internationally.

Job candidates who are bilingual professionals with international experience become high in demand, both international and local firms are looking for top talent to fill the skills shortages.

Here are the 10 reasons to work in China

1. Economy – China is one of the world’s fastest growing economy, and has been ranked the second largest in the world. A strong economy means it will support fantastic career prospects.

2. Variety of job choices to build a successful career – Other than teaching English in China, bilingual professionals who have experience in developing new markets will be offered a vast variety of jobs that can only be found in China due to its unique market.

3. Good salary – Due to the above, employers are willing to offer higher than market price salary to top talents. Even teaching jobs in China for foreigners are being paid a lot better than other Asian countries and worldwide.

4. Your CV will stand out – Having the working experience in China will make your CV stand out to your future employer.

5. Choice of destinations – You can choose to work in large vibrant cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, or small rural provinces for different work experience.

6. Travel opportunities – There are plenty to do and many places to visit within the country, creating a one-of-a-kind travel experience, especially for backpackers, emerging into the local culture, from historical destinations such as the Forbidden City to trendy local bars.

7. Culture – The Chinese history is dated back to 4,000 years ago. It has some rich and varied culture. Chinese street food is also one of world’s famous, with a wide range of different cuisines. Chinese festivals are also spectacular, providing foreigners some very unique cultural experiences.

8. Safety – People in China are friendly and open, and the country’s crime rate comparing to other international countries are extremely low.

9. Volunteering programs in China – There are many different volunteering programs available across China, from working with children to caring for animals, creating some very rewarding experience for those who love to help the different communities in China.

10. Learning a new language – Where could be better to learn Chinese than in China? Not only that there are many Chinese language courses available, you also have plenty of opportunities to practice your Chinese with the locals everyday.

In order to work in China, it is best to first land yourself a job with a Company in China, whom will be your Sponsoring Company.

The Sponsoring Company will then coordinate with you to apply for one of the following Work Visa. An approved work visa will allow you to live and work in China for up to 2 years.

Class A – Elite foreign talent

Foreigners from this group are usually specifically selected to perform China’s important plan. They would have previously received international awards/ prizes and could demonstrate having entrepreneurial skills.

Class B – Professional foreign talent

Foreigners from this group are those who hold at least a bachelor’s degree from an international university with minimum 2 years of work experience, or those who hold a master’s degree from a university in Mainland China/ from one of the top 100 international institution. Language teachers usually fall into this category.

Class C – Miscellaneous foreigners

Foreigners from this group are those are entering China for internships under a government agreement. They are seasonal workers or domestic helpers hired by Class A visa holders.

A Visa Points System has been set out for foreigners to work out which type of work visa they qualify for, accordance to the foreigners’ qualification level, language skills and work experience. Those with 85 points or above will qualify for the Class A visa, those with 60 to 85 points will qualify for the Class B visa, and those with below 60 points for the Class C visa.

Foreigners with a Class A or Class B visa are eligible to be the sponsors for their legal spouses and children to apply for the Dependent visa.

Hong Kong Visa Services has experienced consultants to handle the whole visa application processes for you, your Sponsoring Company and your legal dependent. Contact us for more information.



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